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Adobofest 2012…..What a great day!!! Thanks so much!

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Here are 2 photos ….

From inside the shelter… please click for a larger view.


“Adobo 2.0”, or adobo ’11’ for all of you that sampled it, won both the ‘People’c Choice Award’ and the prestigious “Best Tasting Adobo Champion Award”…here are our new double champions: Kris, Joe and Kris…

The Double Champs: Kristian Delosangeles, Joseph Fontelera, Kristopher Salonga

And here is our slide show…Click to see     (Watch out for LOUD “Gangham Style”)




Thanks again to all our contestants for sharing a bit of their family, culture and selves with all of us.

Also, thanks to our sponsors and partners, without whom we could not have had such a great day!  Thanks to all of you from all of us!

More to come,



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